Looking for a reliable
research partner?
We build and deliver customized knowledge solutions to power
our clients’ critical thinking and decision making. Our partnerships
with clients are long-lasting.
Want to make informed
decisions cost effectively?
Our services can be used for decisions related to investment,
acquisition, growth, sales, marketing and product development.
We offer a significant cost advantage to our clients.
Prefer a hassle-free and
transparent working style?
Options to engage with us are simple, transparent and flexible to
keep you free from risk and long-term commitments. We work
like an extension of our clients’ team.
Want to focus on
your core business?
By trusting us with their back-end research work, our clients are
able to remain focused on the delivery of their core services.

Targeted research

Unbiased insights

High touch model

Value for money

Multi-level quality checks

Result oriented

Multi-sector skills

On-demand & retainer models

About Caleidoscope Knowledge Solutions

Caleidoscope Knowledge Solutions (CKS) is a business research firm that aims to fulfil the research needs of its clients in a timely and cost-effective manner, while ensuring top notch quality. We bring  more than 30 years of cumulative experience in doing standard and custom business research. Our expertise lies in diving into the right sources, picking the most relevant data points and piecing these discreet data points together to derive useful insights for our clients. Our skill lies in doing all of these end-to-end with a ‘consulting’ approach. Our services are typically used by clients to support their following agendas –

  • Strategy development
  • Business development
  • Commercial due-diligence

Our services

Our company research services can help you identify and evaluate growth opportunities through a thorough review of investment targets, competitors, prospects, partners and customers. Our work is fully customized to answer your specific questions about the company.

Our industry intelligence services provide insights to help you make informed assessments of your current positions and new investments. You can mitigate your risks by understanding the upsides and downsides of a market.

Our procurement research services can help you make decisions related to your procurement strategies through a comprehensive evaluation of your partners and sourced materials. Our work is fully customized to answer your specific questions.

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